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Feel Confident About Your Financial Future

Conceptualize, analyze and realize your investment, retirement and risk management goals.

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How we're different 


Based on trust and integrity

Independent Financial Planning & Investment Advice

Thompson Financial LLC was formed with the vision to be a truly independent financial advisory firm. We did not want to be influenced by working for a broker-dealer or parent company that is limited in its ability to help clients with unbiased advice and planning strategy.

After working for a broker-dealer for many years, Thompson Financial LLC was formed in a two-step process. In 2011, the predecessor to Thompson Financial LLC was formed while the company as it is structured today became official in 2014.

Financial Plans Tailored To Your Business & Your Life

Our independence allows us to recommend solutions that go well beyond what one bank or financial institution can offer. After learning your background and listening to your goals an objectives, we will develop a plan specifically suited to meet your unique needs. And if your situation changes or a better solution arises, we can easily adjust - our independence allows for flexibility.  

Comprehensive Financial Planning in Kenmore, Washington

Our difference is the level of care and comprehensive planning that we offer to our clients. Our objective is to implement the framework for stress tested strategies that are supported by the correct mix of diversification and risk mitigation. We focus on nine key areas for individuals and households and twelve key areas for businesses.

Getting Started with Thompson LLC

Our process begins with a client discovery meeting in order to better understand your unique goals and objectives. We want to know what you envision your future looking like and what financial obligations you have to the ones you love. We then strategize how to best help you be successful and follow-up with quarterly reviews.


Stress-tested for probabilities of success


Mike Thompson, CLTC Photo

Mike Thompson, CLTC

My career in finance started by working for a large investment management insurance company. I chose this firm because of their ability to help clients with risk management and estate planning needs. My success as a financial advisor led me to a promotion into management as a divisional vice-president. This promotion included a relocation to the Portland, OR regional office where I managed a group of financial advisors. After leading this group of advisors to national recognition within the firm, I made the decision to focus exclusively on clients and not on managing a team. This is what led to the formation of Thompson Financial LLC - my desire to help others navigate the complex environment of financial planning and investments.

Certified in Long-Term Care" (CLTC) designation was created in 1999. It focuses on the discipline of extended care planning.


Services and fees 

At Thompson Financial, we oversee and coordinate our clients' complete financial life. We only work with closely held business owners, families, and individuals who are interested in pursuing a well-defined set of objectives.

Personalized Service 

We blend a personal approach - one that you would expect from a boutique company - with all of the offerings of a large company. Our experience in building relationships and in meetings clients' needs for over 10 years delivers extremely successful results for our practice and for our clients.

Results-Driven Financial Planning

We look to meet client objectives through comprehensive financial planning, corporate metrics, product analysis, product selection, a vast professional network and relentless monitoring. Delivering results is paramount to optimizing relationships.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Clients interested in comprehensive financial planning will appreciate our disciplined six-step process that oversees nine key areas. Your personal involvement is necessary to be certain we are solving the issues most critical to your goals.

Our Process:

1Establish and define the statement of work and full fee disclosure

2Gather questionnaires and supporting documentation

3Analyze all documentation

4Develop a plan aligned with your financial goals

5Recommend and/or implement your personal strategy

6Monitor your strategy and adjust quarterly.

Key Areas:

  • Banking
  • Budgeting
  • Investment Analysis
  • Insurance Administration
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving

Upon completion, we provide you with a bound financial plan for your records, a list of recommendations that meet your financial objectives, and a stress test to determine the strength of your financial plan. You will have daily access to monitor and store your most important financial data in a highly secure and confidential environment.

We will also review your financial plan with you to make recommendations and adjustments on a quarterly basis with soft-copy updates. These ongoing reviews are imperative because financial planning is dynamic and not static. Life happens and even the best laid plans can change.

Those who plan are typically more successful in reaching their goals than those who do not. If your current process is taking you farther away from where you want to be, then the professionals at Thompson Financial will help get you on the right course.


We evaluate suitable insurance products that our clients may need in order to support the financial planning strategy. We then help them implement such products in order to help support the planning strategy for risk mitigation.


Our Comprehensive Financial Planning and Corporate Planning services packages are offered on a fee-based payment structure.

The sale of Insurance products is offered on a commission-based payment structure.


With a results-driven focus




With strategic advice along the way





20207 83rd Place NE Kenmore, WA 98028

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